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Running the Channel Islands

In April 2017 I will be running solo and unsupported around the Channel Islands. Over 5-7 days I will be running ~110 miles around the coast of Jersey, Gurnsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm. Along the way I will be camping... Continue Reading →

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Don’t panic!*

It's finally here. Due to camping logistics I decided to delay the trip two weeks from late April to early May, but tomorrow I'll finally start running round the Channel Islands! Eeek! Starting in St Helier, I'll be heading around... Continue Reading →


My maps arrived today. Time to get down to some proper planning. That is once I get over my obsession with the teeny tiny island* I fond off the coast of Guernsey. It's called Lihou and it's so cute. The... Continue Reading →

Back-to-Back longer runs

I set a new personal record for highest mileage week this week: 60 km. To be perfectly honest, I'm a little disappointed. I'd hoped to be running higher mileage weeks by this point but after being ill twice since the... Continue Reading →

A very muddy half marathon

Well I still have a cough and a runny nose but I was finally feeling a bit better this week so I was able to get back to some running. I took it easy indoors on the treadmill on Tuesday... Continue Reading →


Well not much training has happened in the last two weeks as I've been ill for the second time in 2017. One of the lovely joys of working at a university is being constantly surrounded by bugs and germs. I'm... Continue Reading →

Highest mileage week yet

Well, training is well underway and this week saw me run my highest mileage week ever. Surprisingly my legs feel pretty good. At least they have certainly felt much worse off much less running. I honestly loved it. A lot... Continue Reading →

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